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Yeshe-Sophia is dedicated to the deep study of Tibetan Buddhism and Gnostic Christianity. At first this may seem an odd pairing.

Both of these traditions and schools of thought have been influenced by and have in turn influenced many other traditions and schools of thought. Thus, our studies include and encompass much of what can generally be termed Eastern and Western spirituality, and especially those areas in which the two have influenced one another or even overlapped.

Yeshe (ཡེ་ཤེས་) is the Tibetan word for Wisdom, while Sophia (σοφία) is the Greek word for Wisdom. The latter is the root of the modern English word Philosophy from the Greek Philos-Sophia, meaning the Love of Wisdom.

Yeshe Tsogyal ("Wisdom Ocean") is the name of the historical woman who can rightly be called The Mother of Tibetan Buddhism, though she is often forgotten even by those who would consider themselves Tibetan Buddhist. Meanwhile, Sophia is the name of the goddess in the earliest forms of Christianity (later termed "Gnostic Christianity") who is also completely unknown by most Christians. The name Yeshe-Sophia, then, references the remembrance of and shedding of light upon such areas that have been forgotten or omitted by the often patriarchal mainstream of both East and West.

Yeshe-Sophia currently produces three podcasts:

To Be A Yogi focuses on Yoga specifically. Through this Podcast we interview authors, teachers, and other practitioners of Yoga, discussing the history of Yoga, its various forms, teaching Yoga, Yoga philosophy, and other related subjects. To subscribe and begin listening to this podcast, Click Here.

What Would Yeshe Do? focuses on Tibetan Buddhism specifically and is dedicated to Yeshe Tsogyal. To subscribe and begin listening to this podcast, Click Here.

VH Frater BT's

VH Frater BT's Esoterinerd Podcast has a much wider range of topics. This is where you will find discussion of Gnostic Christianity, as well as Hermetic Kabbalah, the Western Mysteries in general, and anything else which might be considered spiritually Esoteric. To subscribe and begin listening to this podcast, Click Here.

All of these are available through iTunes or any other podcasting platform.

About Us

Edward & Piyu

Edward comes from Los Angeles, California, and Piyu is from Dehradun, India. Edward's father and Piyu's mother instilled in them both a deep love of and appreciation for Tibetan Buddhism specifically, and spirituality in general. They currently reside in New Delhi, India, and plan to build a Yoga Center in Rishikesh in 2019. This center will be a physical meeting place for those interested in studying Tibetan Buddhism, Gnostic Christianity, and other related subjects. It will also include a sound studio for recording podcasts, as well as Indian, Tibetan, and other styles of music.

If you would like to be a guest on To Be A Yogi, What Would Yeshe Do?, or The Esoterinerd, or if you have any questions or ideas related to anything on this page, please feel free to reach out to us via email at or to contact us on social media:


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